At Home

by Matt Durfee

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demo recordings guessed it, at home.


released January 20, 2006




Matt Durfee Albany, New York

Deft fingerpicking and a unique voice give this singer-songwriter a style all his own....

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Track Name: It's a Good Life
Marry me miss Mary Jean
My hands are washed my clothes are clean
I've never seen the morning break the way it did today
And this moment is a memory we share
It's a good life and easy to bear

Clarity is a rarity and indeed I'll need another drink
to help me think the whole thing through
In my mind there are these binds that keep me here
It's a good life and easy to bear

You don't know how much I trust you
Not to be foolish with yourself
I bear the whole of the weight that crushed you
Cause I can't do anything else...

Prepare to meet disparity
it knows no bounds, his charity
His charming eyes rolling forever round
The only sound is angels whispering in the air
It's a good life and easy to bear

Bury me near the family tree
Where the earth is soft and roots run deep
The loose ends of my life could gather
To gaze upon my bones
And on my stone a cold reminder written there
It's a good life and easy to bear

You don't know how much I miss you
And how much I wish I could stay
I hear the moan of a distant whistle
And I know your train it ain't coming back
The tracks only run one way....
Track Name: Etched in Red
Once again I'm trying to justify the awful things I've been
You keep crawling off, I keep falling from the edge
I used my heart and not my head
But at what a cost, at what expense?
What is that supposed to mean she said
They're just random thoughts get your point across
Use your heart, use your heart, give me one last shot

How am I supposed to breathe she said
you strangle me with love
what am I supposed to read in that
What is she speaking of
and I see your heart is like a little girl you'll never change

How am I supposed to choose I ask
My future or my fate
What am I supposed to do with this
mess that you've left on my plate?
and I see your heart...

Etched in red I sketched your name
Into the broad side of my chest
Then I washed it off, when you had gone
Sat and wondered what went wrong
Tried to cast you out, tried to carry on
What do you hope to achieve she said
Your dreams are so hard fought, so often lost
Follow your heart follow your heart
And you'll not be far off

What am I supposed to be to you
Your experiment in hearts
How am I supposed to live like this
Will tomorrow never come?
And I see your heart...
Track Name: Feel at Home
Talk to me about the past, as if it even matters now
where I've been
From where I've come you can't go back
You got to keep pushing ahead
I know that none of this can last
It'll blow away like sand, blades of grass

All I want in the wasted world
Is the chance to hear you say
Oh my god I am so at home today...

Give this note to Margaret Anne
Don't tell her who I am, see what she says
Tell her I've come from a foreign land
And she reminds me of summertime in Berlin
Ask her if she'd like to go there
I can float us on a whim, let the breeze begin

All I want in the wasted world
Is a guitar I can play
Oh my god, I am so at home today

God I feel at home....
Track Name: Space of a Breath
I watch the plane roll into land
In the hazy gray of the summertime
I raise my head you wave your hand
The indifference is crazy
A cricket chirps, the radio it never worked
You sang into my ear
If it's worth it, or it hurts enough to say it baby
You'd better let somebody hear you

All my life it's been burning in my mind
Showing in my eyes
I said nothing else means anything...

I watch the ocean fill with sand
In the space of a breath, the blink of an eye
I think about what it means to go without
And how much a man can stand to throw aside
Shut your mouth open your eyes
We are both already too old for this
And if it comes with no surprise
It comes with no consequence

All my life it's been burning in my mind
Showing in my eyes
I said nothing else means anything...
Track Name: Meet You There
Colored like a bruise, this tune is to nobody
Show me anything worth half the time it took to prove
And I'll invite you in...

Dire is the news, your dour brow is furrowed
In the gloaming rolled heavy stones
Cordon off the truth
I didn't spite you then....

Weren't you amused, though I was hardly joking
When I said all along, as strong as I professed to be myself, it was myself that did me in...

Lit out like a fuse, a Roman candelabrum
For a forlorn stretch of flattened earth
A northern border square
I will meet you there...
Track Name: Waikiki
When somebody loves you, swallows up the sun to
Show you that you warm his heart
When someone you trusted, they go out and hurt you
It's hard to make it out unscarred

Remember the time I said to call me baby
If you needed anything at all, anything at all....

The most beautiful place in the world, I've never been
And I know it doesn't get easier
But that's where you're going to, that's what you told me
And I've got to know now, baby got to know
Is why, waikiki?

We've all been to places that we can't escape and
It's hard to make it out I know
We all have done something that we couldn't run from
It's better not to think about

Remember the time I said...

And I won't go believing for too long